Search Term Gems: Your Questions Answered #1

It’s time for some search term gems! I thought it might be beneficial to look through the search terms people used to get to my website and respond to any questions you might have. Depending on the amount of search terms I get usable for this, I hope to make this into a regular thing 🙂 Let’s get started with the first 5 questions after the jump:

HabitRPG Review – Achievement Unlocked: Gamification Done Right!

I’ve been playing around with HabitRPG for a little over a month now, so as promised: my HabitRPG review! My initial impressions and description can be found in my previous post, but this post is a more in-depth review after a month of use. I backed the Kickstarter shortly after trying it out for a while and there have been a lot of updates since (not only due to my contribution, I’m sure 😉 ). The creator, Tyler Renelle, is obviously very passionate about HabitRPG and it really shows. Here’s my rundown of the things I love and the things I’m not too happy with. Let’s start with a short visual tour and after that I’ll get on with the review:

The Standing Desk Review

For the past five months I’ve been in the luxurious position(s) of having the option to do my work while standing when I feel like it. This is all thanks to the pleasant people at my work that arranged a special standing desk for me. I think it’s a good time for a review of my standing desk experiences. In this post I will describe the benefits I’ve personally experienced as well as the disadvantages and some tips and tricks.

Procrastinate much? Become more productive: one Pomodoro at a time!

Do you know that feeling when you’re staring at the screen needing to get some work done and then you find yourself subconsciously opening a new tab to check what’s going on on Facebook, another tab for Twitter, maybe even one more tab for Google+ in case anyone actually decides to posts something there 😉 Suddenly you realize: ‘I really need to start working on this!’. So there you are again, closed all the distracting websites, ready to get started again. But wait, wasn’t there something else you needed to do before starting? Wasn’t there an e-mail that needed answering?