Weekly Status Update #17: Space Dress

Hmm, a weekly status update again, what to do, what to wear? I mean write of course. I have the feeling it was quite the uneventful week again but let’s see what we’ve got: coding conundrums, conference travel planning, sharing and caring, wardrobe acquisitions and the pleinbioscoop of Rotterdam. Now to the untrained eye, it looks like there is no relation between these items at all, but then, well, the untrained eye would be right. Bad writing time! Continue reading

Summer blog break!

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I have two weeks off from work starting today, the bad news is that a) this week nothing happened that should be in a weekly status update and b) I will go on a blogging hiatus during my summer break. See you on the other side!

Weekly Status Update #13: Abbreviation Bonanza

It’s the Weekly Status Update – Early Saturday morning special, courtesy of my recently acquired inability to sleep in. Slow news week, but this week featuring:  5iler, ESSO34, CMOS, DFQ and D3. I’m sorry the update items are so incredibly disconnected this week and I can’t find a way to make it coherent or bridge the items, but it is what it is: Continue reading

FacebookFree – On quitting Facebook for a week

Last week I ran a little personal experiment of quitting Facebook for a week. As a PhD student who is behind a computer all day, it is alI too easy to ctrl+t facebook.com when the going gets tough or when the going gets really boring. The goal of this post is not to come off as a holier than thou person who judges others for what they do on Facebook, but to self-reflect and hopefully learn from the process. I would like to summarize some personal experiences and things I learnt here.

Continue reading

Weekly Status Update #11: A robot renegade cop

Weekly Status Update incoming! A short one this time as I have a paper submission deadline tomorrow at midnight and a house to clean ;). It seems like I say it will be a short one quite often, but it almost never is ^^ We’ll see! This week featuring: writing, submission, video, zucchini babies and ultraviolence: Continue reading