Search Term Gems: Your Questions Answered #1

It’s time for some search term gems! I thought it might be beneficial to look through the search terms people used to get to my website and respond to any questions you might have. Depending on the amount of search terms I get usable for this, I hope to make this into a regular thing 🙂 Let’s get started with the first 5 questions after the jump:

New Publication: ”Toward a highly-detailed 3D pelvic model” and Google Scholar Citations

I love the smell of new publications in the morning! This particular morning I woke up to a nice little e-mail from Google Scholar entitled ‘Review updates to your Google Scholar profile’. It featured a brand new publication for me to approve and to add to my Google Scholar profile:

  • Toward a highly-detailed 3D pelvic model: Approaching an ultra-specific level for surgical simulation and anatomical education. A.C. Kraima, N.N. Smit, D. Jansma, C. Wallner, R.L.A.W. Bleys, C.J.H. v.d. Velde, C.P. Botha, M.C. Deruiter, Clinical Anatomy, December 2012