Search Term Gems: Your Questions Answered #1

It’s time for some search term gems! I thought it might be beneficial to look through the search terms people used to get to my website and respond to any questions you might have. Depending on the amount of search terms I get usable for this, I hope to make this into a regular thing 🙂 Let’s get started with the first 5 questions after the jump:

  • “i accept the ratings by my supervisor and want to thank him”
    • I am not entirely sure what you mean by ratings, I imagine it might be feedback in a yearly review? I do think it is very nice to show gratitude to your supervisor. It is probably highly dependent on culture and the relationship you have with your supervisor, but I would recommend a small gift (like alcohol or chocolates) or a nice handwritten card to go along with verbally expressing your gratitude.
  • “really complicated math”
    • Can’t help you there! I’m sorry 🙂
  • “do you need to use pomodoro forever”
    • I would recommend you do, unless you have reached some enlightened state where you feel you don’t need it anymore. Even if you are able to focus continuously without interruptions, pomodoros are still a useful tool to make sure you enjoy small breaks throughout the day (to reduce eyestrain and stress among other things).  According to some people I know, you should ABP: Always Be Pomodoroing and if you’re not, ask yourself: Why am I not in a pomodoro? and reflect on the reason for this.
  • “scientific medical visualization blog”
    • Check out for all your medical visualization needs: The blog on all things medical visualization
  • “how to increase my google scholar citations”
    • I am afraid there are no magic shortcuts and to increase your citations you will have to publish good research in good venues (high impact conferences and journals) and to be patient. If you are looking for other ways to improve your chances further, consider writing a blog or using social media to get your name and research out there.  People can’t cite you if they can’t find you because your work is invisible.

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