Weekly Status Update #31: Crankiness-driven Development

Another week, another ‘weekly’ status update. And I use the term weekly loosely here ūüėČ This week featuring: algorithm expectations vs. reality, academia vs. industry, the Virtual Surgical Pelvis: Ultimate Edition, the new laptop and Googling people:

Weekly Status Update #28: Paranymph

I skipped a weekly status update again last week, my blogging frequency really¬†seems to be going downhill lately, sorry about that! But to make up for that, I’m back with fresh post this week, featuring: 3D interactive PDFs, a medvis colloquium, paranymph adventures, reunions and some game stuff too.

Weekly Status Update #25: Twitteriffic

I missed a weekly status update last week and I have no real explanation or excuse for it, but I’ll make it up to you by not missing this one ūüėČ It’s the 25th edition already, featuring: inaugurations, the ESSO best video award, IEEE VIS preparations, medvis.org and my crochet shawl update.

Weekly Status Update #23: Bayonetta

Alright, so I’m a bit late, but it’s still weekly status update time regardless. Attentive readers will notice I skipped last week, but I think there were¬†extenuating circumstances which I’ll describe later. For now, here’s what happened in the last two-ish weeks, featuring PacificVis, baking GameCakes, STW annual congress, holidays and Bayonetta: