Weekly Status Update #11: A robot renegade cop

Weekly Status Update incoming! A short one this time as I have a paper submission deadline tomorrow at midnight and a house to clean ;). It seems like I say it will be a short one quite often, but it almost never is ^^ We’ll see! This week featuring: writing, submission, video, zucchini babies and ultraviolence:

  • My week was mainly spent paper draft writing and processing comments by co-authors for the VCBM deadline.  VCBM is a really cool workshop that has a unique focus on the combination of visualization research and biomedical applications. Medvis researchers everywhere, rejoice! In this last phase of the writing, I set up a Mercurial repository and use Texlipse in Eclipse to do the final edition for sharing and revision convenience. I also share a Dropbox link to the pdf, so that co-authors who prefer to provide comments like that can always get the most recent version when they have time to review.
  • They moved the submission deadline from last Friday to Sunday, which is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand there is more time to improve the paper, but on the other hand, I now get to spend all weekend doing that. I think there is a rule that the time you spend on a paper will always stretch out until minutes before the deadline. There is always more polishing and improvements to be made and extending the deadline results in using the extra time for that.
  • Earlier this week, I was recording a video to go in the Additional Media care package zip. As mentioned earlier, I use Camstudio and it’s lossless codec to record a session with the application and then Windows Live Movie Maker (yes!) to edit in captions and pretty fades. Man, I suck at using applications when I’m recording… I keep making stupid mistakes and have to redo the whole thing (I want single take awesomeness!) 340 times. Whenever I’m making these videos, I start hearing epic movie trailer voices and get reminded of this awesome one:  
  • My vegetable garden has decided it prefers making pretty flowers over edible salad leaves now. But my first baby zucchinis are growing, so that’s pretty cool! They are of the round persuasion and it’s quite nice to grow somethng that you cannot get in the supermarket. I will devour them soon, just biding my time:

    Zucchini Babies
    Zucchini Babies
  • Finally, my song of the week: Lana del Rey’s latest Ultraviolence (yes, still obsessed! I got so many hairflowers and flower headbands, I can start a hairgarden soon!)  Not to be confused with Death Angel’s The Ultra-Violence by the way, spot the differences 😉 

That’s it for now. I’ll be a good girl and get back to my house cleaning and paper writing. Enjoy your week!


    1. Every time I settle on a system, you come along with pretty and tempting offers of a better life 🙂 Typically with good results too! This looks so amazing with the colors and inline previews, it is very hard to resist. I fell out of love with Eclipse a long time ago too….

      1. The difference is that Emacs should have been called Omega. ;P

        Seriously though, the secret of Emacs is that you should embrace its programmability. This starts with using M-x (that’s Alt-X) and then just trying to type commands, and learning with C-h a something-something (get help on any symbol). (All of this searching and selecting is made much more pretty by Prelude.)

        That, and don’t even _try_ using anything older than Emacs 24.3 with the latest Prelude https://github.com/bbatsov/prelude — prelude does all kinds of customization and prettiness (zenburn!!) which would normally take one months to fine-tune.

        I expect that orgmode will be your Kryptonite, in a positive sense…

        (Talking about Kryptonite, If you ever have time, try Sacha Chua’s (Emacs Goddess, seriously) blog post, and the rest of her blog… http://sachachua.com/blog/2014/04/emacs-beginner-resources/ )

        1. Thanks! I took a day off to take a look. Well, for other reasons too, but I will take a look ^^ I also think a comment that long needs to be in a blog post for other people to enjoy too!

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