Weekly Status Update #10: Mothra

Awww yea, the weekly status update 10 week anniversary special! I’m quite amazed I kept up the weekly update frequency, but there you have it. This edition features: sickness, paper draft writing, VTK comments, E3 and Septicflesh.  Let’s dive in, shall we?

  • I started the week off nicely by being violently ill on Monday. I’m not sure if it was a heat stroke or extreme migraine, but seriously, that was messed up, yo! I couldn’t even keep a glass of water down.
  • The rest of the week I was working on a paper draft. I may have mentioned this before, but I love writing so much, I want to have its babies. I am currently  still using sharelatex.com and loving it. Simple web-based LateX editing at its finest!
  • In between paper reviews, there was also a bit of programming and I just wanted to say, programmers can be so funny sometimes. This especially is revealed in their comments. For instance,  in VTK’s vtkConstrained2DLayoutStrategy class, the authors are thankful to Mothra: ‘We would like to thank Mothra for distracting Godzilla while we wrote this class’. The vtkSimple2DLayoutStrategy.cxx comes with a serious warning:
// This is the mega, uber, triple inner loop
// ye of weak hearts, tread no further!
  •  This year’s E3-week revealed that the Wii U has a lot of promising games coming up. I am having so much fun with the 3DS currently and after this week, the Wii U is also on my wish list.  While Nintendo seems to have this reputation of having kiddie-games, casual games and no third-party developers,  I think this week proved these rumors false. As for the kiddie-games, Nintendo has Bayonetta 2 coming out for Wii U this year. I thoroughly enjoyed Bayonetta on the PS3 before and for people that didn’t play it yet, it will be included in the Wii U release free of charge!  Besides that, there will be a gorgeous open-world Zelda, in-engine footage in the trailer:  
  • Greek symphonic death-metal gods Septicflesh made their new album Titan available via streaming this week. As one of those people that still buy physical copies in this day and age, I actually really enjoy this full-album streaming trend around the release date. It’s a nice and legal try-before-you-buy! As for the album itself, it seems to be a bit of a mixed bag. I love that they use a real orchestra, but that second track ‘Burn’ features the worst clean vocal stylings I have heard in quite some time!

That’s it for this week again, enjoy your weekend and praise Mothra!


    1. I don’t dare to disclose due to author anonymity, but it’s about medical data and will be submitted to VCBM 🙂 I will post more about it as soon as I am able to!

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