Welcome to my new blog!

This blog used to be hosted as a TU Delft weblog, but today I successfully moved out of there! I imported the posts and comments from the old location and relocated here, so nothing is lost. There were a couple of major issues I had with the TU Delft weblog service that were really starting to get on my nerves:

  • You are not allowed to install plug-ins (somehow this reminds me of ‘You cannot get ye flask‘)
  • You are also not allowed to install new themes
  • There’s a generous 250MB Storage Space Limit
  • Want a nice-looking Twitter widget? Forget about it!
  • For aforementioned reasons, you cannot install nice things like Jetpack and are forced to use the plug-ins chosen for you (that sometimes don’t even work, I’m looking at you Subscribe2)
  • At times, I cannot log-in via my netid and am only presented with the option to log in as a guest
  • Every visitor is forced to battle through a cookie-acceptance-statement (in Dutch for good measure) supposedly once, but has to do this every visit anyway.
  • The domain-name is quite lengthy

A good coffee-discussion at work finally pushed me over the edge to make some changes. My brother has graciously offered to host a new WordPress install for me here, for which I will be eternally grateful. To my faithful readers: welcome to the new blog and I hope to see you here more often ^^!


    1. Thanks, bro! That doesn’t worry me in the slightest 🙂 I was more worried about all the TU Delft weblog issues ^^

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