The Leap Motion: First Leap!

This is just a quick and dirty post about my first leaps with the Leap Motion. For those of you unfamiliar with this device, it’s a tiny device that provides ‘motion sensing technology for human–computer interaction’ and promises to be World’s Most Accurate 3-D Motion Control. Today I got to play around with a Leap Motion, because the lovely Computer Graphics and Visualization group is awesome that way.

First up: some low-quality phone pictures!

So after the unboxing (I didn’t record this, I’m sorry 😉 ) and quick set-up and installation, I tried out the demo.My initial expectations were smooth 3D interaction, accurate tracking of tools/fingers and that it would be easy to use for everyone. My first impressions are that the interaction is definitely smooth, but I’m not entirely sold on the accurate tracking of fingers yet, it doesn’t seem to detect the position of my fingers at all times and I’m not sure if it’s a software or hardware thing. Or maybe I just wear too many rings 😉

I really hope to be able to use the Leap Motion to provide easier interaction with 3D models and volumes for people with a medical background. I’ll write a proper review after playing around with it and its API soon 🙂 Other upcoming topics include: task management with Autofocus and an interactive 3D pdf tutorial.


  1. Very nice! We are thinking to make a similar device with radar. Perhaps with lesser magic but with some predefined gestures: a gesture to switch on, a gesture to switch off… Hope to read more details here in near future!

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