New Publication: ”Toward a highly-detailed 3D pelvic model” and Google Scholar Citations

I love the smell of new publications in the morning! This particular morning I woke up to a nice little e-mail from Google Scholar entitled ‘Review updates to your Google Scholar profile’. It featured a brand new publication for me to approve and to add to my Google Scholar profile:

  • Toward a highly-detailed 3D pelvic model: Approaching an ultra-specific level for surgical simulation and anatomical education. A.C. Kraima, N.N. Smit, D. Jansma, C. Wallner, R.L.A.W. Bleys, C.J.H. v.d. Velde, C.P. Botha, M.C. Deruiter, Clinical Anatomy, December 2012

A look back on 2012

As is traditional in this time of year, I thought it would be nice to summarize some of the highlights in my professional life of 2012. The year started well enough, I was working on my master thesis (The Unified Anatomical Human) and finally graduated in March obtaining my degree in Computer Science – Media and Knowledge Engineering.

At the graduation ceremony with Professor Jansen


Another day, another new blog! Recently, I’ve read this post by Eva Lantsoght entitled ‘Why Blogging is for Every Single Academic’ and also a series of posts on the Scientific American blog. These inspired me to start a blog of my own. I’ve only started doing my PhD about 9 months ago, so I guess now’s as good a time as any (if not a better) to do this! I already have a mildly successful blog for my hobby (baking GameCakes) and contribute to the community website for all things medical visualization, but now I have this blog to really call my own. I’ll be posting about my research, conferences, publications, productivity, and maybe even some programming stuff.

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