I am a professor in medical visualization in the visualization group at the University of Bergen, Norway, since 2023. My research focuses on visualization for medical applications, as well as multi-modal medical imaging visualization in the context of computational medicine. I am also affiliated to the Mohn Medical Imaging and Visualization (MMIV) centre as a senior researcher.

After working as a radiographer for three years, I completed my studies in Computer Science at the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, specializing in Computer Graphics and Visualization in 2012. In 2016, I obtained my PhD in medical visualization at the same institute in collaboration with the Anatomy and Embryology department at the LUMC in Leiden. My PhD research project, entitled ‘The Virtual Surgical Pelvis’ resulted in a detailed virtual 3D model of the pelvic area from heterogeneous anatomical data that is used in education and has potential for pre-operative surgical planning. For this work, I received the Dirk Bartz Prize for Visual Computing in Medicine (Eurographics Medical Prize) in 2019. In 2017, I became an associate professor (tenure track position) in medical visualization at the University of Bergen, generously supported by the Trond Mohn Research Foundation. I obtained tenure as a full professor in medical visualization in 2023.

Generally, I am researching novel interactive visualization approaches for improved exploration, analysis, and communication of multimodal medical imaging data. Our current focus in this context is on multi-parametric MR acquisitions.