Weekly Status Update #18: True Blood

Oh, Weekly Status Update time already. Time flies when you’re… Well, it seems to fly progressively faster as you get older, what’s up with that. In any case, I don’t think I have much, but let’s see what’s there:  programming, ambient noise, holiday endings, True Blood and more True Blood. Let’s do this.

  • I am still in the programming phase of my current research work, but I feel like I’m making good progress. I might have even discovered a bug in VTK 😮 When I have a bit more time, I want to figure out what the exact bug is and then report it or maybe even do a pull request on Github. That would be pretty cool 🙂
  • In the ‘mix your own ambient background noise for work’ department, I found a new toy recently. I was using Atmosphere Lite before to mix my own nature sounds, but now I found Elmnts, which has a much nicer and cleaner interface. With Elmnts, it is a lot less complex to get some nice noise going and still it is quite versatile. If you’ve ever wanted to work in an Ocean Coffee shop with fire, now’s your chance. As Charl previously wrote, this type of noise can really be beneficial to drown out office noises (like that printer down the hallway that just won’t stop printing loudly, the sounds of people typing loudly or using their scrollwheel like no scrollwheel was ever meant to be touched).
  • People are returning from their holidays and the offices are starting to fill up nicely again. There is something to be said for working without too many people around, but I really enjoy seeing everyone again a lot. The new first year students that seem to get younger every year are currently getting their first introduction to Delft student life (that was also my last introduction to that life, because I did not care for it at all ;)) so the city is overrun by drunk young whippersnappers for a while. Soon our cafeteria will open again and we will have to have epic battles with the other research groups again to find a free table.
  • My guilty pleasure tv-show has been True Blood for quite a while. It is so over the top and bad that it is completely awesome. And along with the actual show episodes, there is also the IO9 recap to enjoy every week. This week it will be the last episode, evar, so I’m quite sad to say goodbye to it. In case you’re interested, my favorite characters are Pam, she is completely gorgeous and looks a bit like my other girl crush Lana del Rey:
    True Blood's Pam
    True Blood’s Pam

    And Lafayette, he is just so fabulous:

    True Blood's Lafayette
    True Blood’s Lafayette
  • Anyway, last week, during the ending credits they had this beautiful song. I really enjoyed it a lot and I hope you do to:  See how I’m making this into a separate bullet point to cover up the fact that I don’t actually have five this week? Well played, huh?

Slow news week I guess 😉 Let’s hope for a better one next week again. Enjoy your day!

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