Weekly Status Update #25: Twitteriffic

I missed a weekly status update last week and I have no real explanation or excuse for it, but I’ll make it up to you by not missing this one 😉 It’s the 25th edition already, featuring: inaugurations, the ESSO best video award, IEEE VIS preparations, medvis.org and my crochet shawl update.

  • On all hallow’s eve, the professor of the CGV group I work in, Elmar Eisemann, delivered a most excellent inauguration speech. There were space invaders and pumpkins involved. Oh and this:

    That would be  RegistrationShop and the OAH yes 🙂 Why this speech happens two years after actually becoming a professor is beyond me, but it was definitely a very nice event that lasted well into the night. I think I was home at about 4 am 😉 The speech itself wasn’t recorded I think, so I can’t share it here. There is this, however, this video of him and my supervisor, Anna Vilanova, talking about data visualization: 

  • A while ago, we submitted an abstract and video to the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO) conference. Last week, Annelot successfully presented our project at ESSO34 in Liverpool and I am happy to report that we won the 2nd prize ESSO best video award! I even have Twitter evidence of this:


  • Tomorrow I’m leaving for Paris to attend IEEE VIS and present a poster on the Online Anatomical Human (OAH). You remember that awesome teaser video right?   I am insanely excited to go to our biggest conference and to see many familiar faces again 🙂 I was looking at the program and indeed, not unlike a music festival, it is super difficult to plan what talks to attend, with three parallel sessions and cool research presented in all of them at the same time. At the same time, I am not really sure how to survive a conference of this scale with the full schedule mixed with sleep deprivation.
  • And speaking of IEEE VIS, I will be live tweeting there via the medvis.org account for, you guessed it, the blog on all things medical visualization, medvis.org! This kind of guilt trips me for not finishing the VCBM conference report yet, but it will be released “when it’s done” 😉
  • I do finish some things occasionally, so in that vein, I present you, the triangular crocheted shawl I mentioned in my last post:
    Don’t let the phone picture fool you, it is black
    Check out that drape!

    More information about it is available on Ravelry, because I know you are super interested in this type of thing ;). I have already bought dark purple and burgundy yarn for the next project. The autumn weather is really perfect for both wearing shawls and making them from the comfort of my couch, while covered in a nice blanket.

That about sums it up for now. I’ll get back to my VIS preparations and maybe even the medvis.org VCBM conference report 😉 Have a great week!

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