Weekly Status Update #23: Bayonetta

Alright, so I’m a bit late, but it’s still weekly status update time regardless. Attentive readers will notice I skipped last week, but I think there were extenuating circumstances which I’ll describe later. For now, here’s what happened in the last two-ish weeks, featuring PacificVis, baking GameCakes, STW annual congress, holidays and Bayonetta:

  •  As you may or may not know, I was working on a PacificVis submission. After failing to get the work done for previous deadlines, I’m happy to report that I managed to submit. I am less happy to report that the deadline was midnight Pacific time Friday night, which happens to be 9 am Saturday morning here. As is the rule, the time you spend on a submission stretches itself out until shortly before the deadline and this submission was no exception either. I managed to pull an all-nighter writing this paper and submitted the work on 8 am. One hour before the deadline, but too thoroughly exhausted to write more in that final hour. Since I was up from 6 am Friday morning for a luxurious 26 hours working non-stop, I was really really tired and hence the no-posting weekend. The firs review cycle results will be in on the 21st of November, so fingers crossed!
  • That very same weekend, I ended up baking a parting gift for a dear co-worker that is leaving our university. As you may or may not know (2nd edition), I used to have/have a blog named GameCakes, for which I baked videogame themed cakes. Actually, this coworker is a big Day of the Tentacle fan, which inspired me to bake Day of the Tentacle cupcakes again, so expect a GameCakes update post soon ^^. There is actually currently something wrong with my translation WordPress plug-in over at Gamecakes, but I will fix it and switch to English only this week 🙂
  • The week after that exhausting weekend, I mainly spent thinking about the next steps research-wise and working on a 3D reconstruction based on immunohistology data. Besides that, there was the STW annual congress in Nieuwegein where we presented a project poster, just like last year. Actually, someone that is not me Storified it here, which saves me some time writing about it ^^. The cool thing about these STW events is that they bring together researchers from vastly different fields, so for instance you have people creating sensors and solar cells alongside people doing medical imaging and others studying concrete characteristics in one single event.
  • To recover from the deadline stress and charge up my energy for the next scientific sprint, I took a two week holiday, starting today actually ^^ I am really looking forward to relaxing (=gaming) and doing all the things you typically don’t get around to in a normal work-week. Such as updating medvis.org and gamecakes.nl 🙂
  • We started off the holiday very nicely by going to a movie theater to see Bayonetta Bloody Fate, the anime based on one of my favorite games, you guessed it, Bayonetta. If you’ve played the game, it’s really, as they say in Dutch, a feest der herkenning (a recognizing party?), because the characters, bosses and locations are a direct adaptation from the game. I would definitely recommend it, but maybe the trailer is more convincing than I could possibly be 😉  I am not sure if it’s still as nice without knowing the game, but the Wii U soon will have a re-release of the first one and the sequel bundled for your gaming pleasure 🙂

I think that’s all from me for now. Not sure how much I’ll have to write about in my holiday, so there may or may not be a post next weekend ^^ Have a great week!

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