Weekly Status Update #21: PacificStress

Busy times, but not too busy for a short weekly status update of  course. This week featuring: VCBM (once more), PacificVis, VIS, a journal review and building VTK. Could this post be any more boring? I think not!

  • VCBM posted a nice storify overview of the conference. Actually there don’t seem to be many people in medvis (maybe even scivis?) that tweet at conferences. Infovis seems to be having a lot more tweeting. A notable example of great infovis tweeting is the account of the famous infovis researcher and blogger Robert Kosara: @eagereyes, but I don’t think scivis has anyone like that? Correct me if I’m wrong of course. In any case, here’s the storify:

  • The preparations for my PacificVis submission are in full swing, with less than two weeks to go, it’s a very tight deadline that will make for a very stressful two weeks. So, eurgh, I don’t even know what to write about here, fingers crossed I guess?
  • In other conference-related news, IEEE VIS posted the preliminary program this weekend. It’s looking great and I’m very excited to go! Not sure how I’ll survive a week (Sunday to Friday) of the conference life, but we’ll see. It is pretty cool that it’s in Paris though, we just hop in a train straight from Rotterdam and we’re there 🙂
  • I received a reviewer invitation for a journal recently and accepted the assignment. While I  really enjoyed reviewing the paper, the timing couldn’t be worse. Between VCBM, project meetings and the PacificVis deadline, the only opportunity to do the review was yesterday. A full Saturday well spent 😉
  • I am writing this post while VTK is building actually. I made some adjustments and additions to VTK for the PacificVis submission and now want to run it on the laptop. Actually I prefer to work in Python and use VTK binaries, but in this case there is no escaping the C++. Let’s hope that there are no build errors. VTK is huge and it takes a while to build on my laptop.

Alright, that was all for this week. Short and not so sweet, I’m stressed out ok 😉 Next week will be worse, I imagine, as then there is only one week left until the deadline ^^

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