Title: The Virtual Surgical Pelvis: Anatomy Visualization for Education and Surgical Planning

Author: N.N. Smit

Promotors: prof. dr. E. Eisemann en prof. dr. M.C. de Ruiter

Copromotor: dr. A. Vilanova Bartroli

Research group: Delft University of Technology, Department of Intelligent Systems, Computer Graphics and Visualization group

Project collaborators: Leiden University Medical Center, Department of Anatomy and Embryology/Department of Surgery

Download: TU Delft repository (pdf)

This thesis deals with visualizing anatomical data for medical education and surgical planning purposes. To this end, we have developed a detailed virtual atlas, the Virtual Surgical Pelvis (VSP), which unifies surgically relevant knowledge on pelvic anatomy. We provide methods to share the knowledge contained in the VSP for educational purposes, and to visualize the VSP in the context of individual patients for pre-operative planning purposes.